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  1. Dr Nimmi is an amazing doctor and a great empath when it comes to treating a patient. I had a nice experience getting treated from her and got to know a lot of things from her to live a healthy and diabetes free life.

  2. A very good professional who knows what she is doing. I am very pleased with the quality counselling and really benefitted from the session.

  3. Dr. Nimmi is an amazing doctor! She is a professional and an expert in the field of Diabetes management. She is very experienced and can pinpoint problems with ease and confidence. My mother is under her care since 2014 and I can already see a lot of improvement in her health. She is always ready to assist and support her patients. I have asked her questions on Whatsapp, and she always takes out time to respond to me. I think we are lucky to have found such a great doctor! Thank you, Dr. Nimmi.

  4. My consultations with Dr. Nimmi are really refreshing and informative. They are the best 45 minutes with a medical practitioner that I have ever spend. She gave me answers that I have been trying to get for years about controlling my sugar, without drastic changes in my food habits which helped be get my diabetes under control without much effort. She takes extra effort to understand my requirements with lot of enthusiasm. The best part is she always has a smile and feels so friendly while she is talking to me. I definitely will be continuing to see her.

  5. Dr Nimmi is one of those rare doctors who treats patients as a family and is concerned about their welfare. with her guidance, i finally have my sugar values in control. after 7 years of suffering with diabetes, i can eat my favorite fruit without worry and have rice on my plate which i stopped eating long back. with her tips, i started exercise and lost 3 kgs and she helped me to remove myths about diabetes in my family members. now they treat me equal and i feel more energetic. thank you Dr. you are a great help for all of us.

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